October 3-4

16 Feb

Trying to keep the road trip alive, woke up and went to the city with Aaron and Jackson, got new clothes, hung out, came home, played cod, drove Mavis to Toowoomba with Arron and Jackson. We saw Hannah, skated and Slept at Jacksons.

Then drove around town skating different skate parks, getting free Red Rooster.

Finally on the drive home I realised…



October 2

16 Feb

Woke up and had a MASSIVE breakfast with the boys. hung about then went to Plough inn for drinks at lunch. Met up with Dorby, Poulina and such, got pretty drunk. Went to Nando’s for dinner.
All went back to the boys house. The tampon incident! The church incident! Oh god, crazy, fantastic night.

October 1

16 Feb

Woke up at the boys house and had to go see Dad.
Saw Dad, swapped the cars over I LOVE MY CAR!
And then I went to see Wee, and Jubb and Joel, and Bri and all those awesome people and met Matt Neill! Hung by the pool all day, super nice, then went and got wicked drunk and chillled at Nambla before I vommited. I still went out to thriller but had a shit night! haha.

September 30

16 Feb

Woke up on the coast, had breakfast on the beach with Jackson and then we drove to Jimboomba. Hung with Mum and Dad, had lunch rode motor bikes and then drove to Elly’s house. Saw Elly, Dion, chillled with them and then headed to the boys house. Got a carton and got pretty drunk with the boys and headed to Amy’s 21st which ruled, good people nice place, free booze. then after we decided to go out to ‘Oh hello’ in the valley, RULED. And we all went back to the boys house.

September 29

16 Feb

Woke up in the YHA.
Realizing Ryan ditched the road trip. Went and had breafast on the beach with Jackson and chillllllllled in the car, at the beach while it rained then headed to a secluded beach so we could stand on random cliffs, have a smoke and sing “water, rocks and sand.” We walked around, walked around in town, bought shit and then decided to continue on to the Gold Coast. We stopped at skate parks but made it to Ash’s place, hung with her, kayaked went to sushi and Max Brenner so much fun!!

September 28

16 Feb

We woke up in Coffs Harbour YHA and then went to get some milk. Had breakfast on the beach, chilled in the sun and then headed off. We got to Byron and hung out for a bit, we went to the light house, the most easterly point of Australia, the hang gliders drop off and so forth. Ryan went off to see his cousins so Jackson and I had this incredible night where we got on a random bus, went to some random clubs and met some random girls who we took to the beach and entertained by being idiots.

September 27

16 Feb

Left this morning and drove a fair bit to Port Maquarie stopping for a lot of stretch and toilet breaks. When we got there, we skated into town, had fish and chips on the pier and skated back. So nice! Then we continued on.
we stopped in some little sham town and skated for a bit, then we didn’t stop again till Coffs Harbour where we met up with Tory, Ang and Nicole.
The 6 of us hung out at the skatie until we got too hungry and then went and got pizza from a nice restaurant in town. Then we walked a big jetty all the way out to mutton bird island and walked across the island. Had a smoke and came back. Said our goodbye’s and went and slep in our YHA