October 14-16

27 Mar

Woke up and got stoked to go to the beach with Dakota, Matt Neill was keen too. Daniel not so keen, like always, but then Brown text us and we all got very keen. The 5 of us got in Mavis and drove to the coast, swam for a bit chilled for a bit and got wahoo fish taco.
Got dunk and went to fats with wee, Mitch and Denikka.

Chris Brown called, he came over for mid day drinking with me, wee and matt Neill. Me and the boys watched the most incredible storm come over and then just chilled till everyone else got drunk. Walked to thriller, partied, met cute girls!!!

Had brekky with Matt, went to Nando’s with the boys. Came back to a dope set up under the house. People started arriving, the punch was made and the party began. Best day and night, ever.
Good BBQ too.


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