March 31

30 Apr

We arrived in Sihanoukville, the most incredible place and headed straight to the beach. This picture is Adele, Nessy and myself on the beautiful bar-lined beaches of Cambodia. In the background you can kinda see this floating-mini-theam-park thing which a few of us got tickets for and spent the day on. It was pretty fun and we wasted a lot of time out there, I loved it.
That night was also an incredible time. We went to a restaurant literally on the beach, took our shoes off and had out feet in the sand, then we helped our selves to 3 dollar BBQ sea food dinners complimented by 3 dollar buckets of alcohol.
My favourite memories will always be me and Frederik seeing how many free or insanely cheap drinks we could get.
Now we were pretty drunk but we seem to feel like we managed to get around about 7 drinks each for about 4 dollars collectively. We were pretty happy about that and decided to sober up sitting out on the pier.
Later that night when we finally found the rest of the group Faye and I had an amazing chat out on the same pier but with Mojito’s.


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