October 17-21

27 Mar

Took Aaron to Mt Gravatt, Applied for a job at JB, went back to Mt gravatt with Wee and Aaron, got the job, went to Bri’s for roast dinner and scrabble.

Had my induction at JB

Went for a drive with matt Neill, slept all day and went to Kate’s birthday dinner.

October 14-16

27 Mar

Woke up and got stoked to go to the beach with Dakota, Matt Neill was keen too. Daniel not so keen, like always, but then Brown text us and we all got very keen. The 5 of us got in Mavis and drove to the coast, swam for a bit chilled for a bit and got wahoo fish taco.
Got dunk and went to fats with wee, Mitch and Denikka.

Chris Brown called, he came over for mid day drinking with me, wee and matt Neill. Me and the boys watched the most incredible storm come over and then just chilled till everyone else got drunk. Walked to thriller, partied, met cute girls!!!

Had brekky with Matt, went to Nando’s with the boys. Came back to a dope set up under the house. People started arriving, the punch was made and the party began. Best day and night, ever.
Good BBQ too.

October 11-13

27 Mar

Aaron, Wee and myself went for a skate and hang through Southbank at night, it was fun and nice.

Poulina came over and told me that Jackson was on his way!!! We had a smoke and watched Major Payne.

Poulina brought her gorgeous friend Antonia, to drink with Daniel, Jackson, Dakota, Aaron, Wee and myself. We got hammered, went to archives and caused havoc on the way home. We skated down hills untill I came off shredded myself, and Jackson came off splitting his head open.

Met up with Mum in the morning, went to Lock and Load Bistro for brunch. RULED. Then went shopping, thanks Mum!
Went to uni to get stoked about exchange and met cute girls. Then I got home and started having drinks with Wee and Dorby. No one except Brown wanted to party so I went to Browns and then went out with him kissin’ girls and walked home with Matt Neill.

October 10

27 Mar

Went to Elly’s to print resumes, applied for jobs, hung with Aaron, walked to archives, got free food met Poulina and a bit boozy.

October 9

27 Mar

Woke up and hung with the boys all day, going to Nando’s, Southbank and what not. Ended the night with a bog BBQ at NAMBLA.

October 6-8

27 Mar

Went to x&y with the boys one night,
Great night but I should have left when they did instead of trying to talk to girls and having to walk home.

Drunk skyped with Faye till Wee came home.

Saw Rachel Harrison for lunch. Then went skating with Wee and Matt Neill.
Came home, drunk, went to pancake manor for Sam’s birthday dinner and then went to Thriller sick walk home with Amy.

October 5

27 Mar

Went to Ipswich with Dakota for artwork.
Went to uni with Poulina got that shit sorted.
Went to Fasta Pasta, Pols house and the boys house.
Played cod and watched prison break.